6.21 . Who doth greater wrong than he who inventeth a lie against Allah and denieth His revelations? Lo! the wrong doers will not be successful
6.22 . And on the Day We gather them together We shall say unto those who ascribed partners ( unto Allah ) : Where are ( now ) those partners of your make believe?
6.23 . Then will they have no contention save that they will say : By Allah , our Lord , we never were idolaters .
6.24 . See how they lie against themselves , and ( how ) the thing which they devised hath failed them!
6.25 . Of them are some who listen unto thee , but We have placed upon their hearts veils , lest they should understand , and in their ears a deafness . If they saw every token they would not believe therein ; to the point that , when they come unto thee to argue with thee , the disbelievers say : This is naught else than fables of the men of old .
6.26 . And they forbid ( men ) from it and avoid it , and they ruin none save themselves , though they perceive not .
6.27 . If thou couldst see when they are set before the Fire and say : Oh , would that we might return! Then would we not deny the revelations of our Lord but we would be of the believers!
6.28 . Nay , but that hath become clear unto them which before they used to hide . And if they were sent back they would return unto that which they are forbidden . Lo! they are liars .
6.29 . And they say : There is naught save our life of the world , and we shall not be raised ( again ) .
6.30 . If thou couldst see when they are set before their Lord! He will say : Is not this real? They will say : Yea , verily , by our Lord! He will say : Taste now the retribution for that ye used to disbelieve .
6.31 . They indeed are losers who deny their meeting with Allah until , when the hour cometh on them suddenly , they cry : Alas for us , that we neglected it! They bear upon their back their burdens . Ah , evil is that which they bear!
6.32 . Naught is the life of the world save a pastime and a sport . Better far is the abode of the Hereafter for those who keep their duty ( to Allah ) . Have ye then no sense?
6.33 . We know well how their talk grieveth thee , though in truth they deny not thee ( Muhammad ) but evil-doers flout the revelations of Allah .
6.34 . Messengers indeed have been denied before thee , and they were patient under the denial and the persecution till Our succour reached them . There is none to alter the decisions of Allah . Already there hath reached thee ( somewhat ) of the tidings of the messengers ( We sent before ) .
6.35 . And if their aversion is grievous unto thee , then , if thou canst , seek a way down into the earth or a ladder unto the sky that thou mayst bring unto them a portent ( to convince them all ) ! If Allah willed , He could have brought them all together to the guidance So be not thou among the foolish ones .
6.36 . Only those can accept who hear . As for the dead , Allah will raise them up ; then unto Him they will be returned .
6.37 . They say : Why hath no portent been sent down upon him from his Lord? Say : Lo! Allah is Able to send down a portent . But most of them know not .
6.38 . There is not an animal in the earth , nor a flying creature flying on two wings , but they are peoples like unto you . We have neglected nothing in the Book ( of Our decrees ) . Then unto their Lord they will be gathered .
6.39 . Those who deny our revelations are deaf and dumb in darkness . Whom Allah will He sendeth astray , and whom He will He placeth on a straight path .
6.40 . Say : Can ye see yourselves , if the punishment of Allah come upon you or the Hour come upon you , calling upon other than Allah? Do ye then call ( for help ) to any other than Allah? ( Answer that ) if ye are truthful .
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