12.61 . They said : We will try to win him from his father : that we will surely do .
12.62 . He said unto his young men : Place their merchandise in their saddlebags , so that they may know it when they go back to their folk , and so will come again .
12.63 . So when they went back to their father they said : O our father! The measure is denied us , so send with us our brother that we may obtain the measure , surely we will guard him well .
12.64 . He said : Can I entrust him to you save as I entrusted his brother to you aforetime? Allah is better at guarding , and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy .
12.65 . And when they opened their belongings they discovered that their merchandise had been returned to them . They said : O our father! What ( more ) can we ask? Here is our merchandise returned to us . We shall get provision for our folk and guard our brother , and we shall have the extra measure of a camel ( load ) . This ( that we bring now ) is a light measure .
12.66 . He said : I will not send him with you till ye give me an undertaking in the name of Allah that ye will bring him hack to me , unless ye are surrounded . And when they gave him their undertaking he said : Allah is the Warden over what we say .
12.67 . And he said : O my sons! Go not in by one gate ; go in by different gates . I can naught avail you as against Allah . Lo! the decision rests with Allah only . In Him do I put my trust , and in Him let all the trusting put their trust .
12.68 . And when they entered in the manner which their father had enjoined , it would have naught availed them as against Allah ; it was but a need of Jacob ' s soul which he thus satisfied ; and lo! he was a lord of knowledge because We had taught him ; but most of mankind know not .
12.69 . And when they went in before Joseph , he took his brother unto himself , saying : Lo ; I , even I , am thy brother , therefore sorrow not for what they did .
12.70 . And when he provided them with their provision , he put the drinking cup in his brother ' s saddlebag , and then a crier cried : O camel riders! Ye are surely thieves!
12.71 . They cried , coming toward them : What is it ye have lost?
12.72 . They said : We have lost the king ' s cup , and he who bringeth it shall have a camel load , and I ( said Joseph ) am answerable for it .
12.73 . They said : By Allah , well ye know we came not to do evil in the land , and are no thieves .
12.74 . They said : And what shall be the penalty for it if ye prove liars?
12.75 . They said : The penalty for it! He in whose bag ( the cup ) is found , he is the penalty for it . Thus we requite wrongdoers .
12.76 . Then he ( Joseph ) began the search with their bags before his brother ' s bag , then he produced it from his brother ' s bag . Thus did We contrive for Joseph . He could not have taken his brother according to the king ' s law unless Allah willed . We raise by grades ( of mercy ) whom We will , and over every lord of knowledge there is one more knowing .
12.77 . They said : If he stealeth , a brother of his stole before . But Joseph kept it secret in his soul and revealed it not unto them . He said ( within himself ) : Ye are in worse case and Allah knoweth best ( the truth of ) that which ye allege .
12.78 . They said : O ruler of the land! Lo! he hath an aged father , so take one of us instead of him . Lo ! we behold thee of those who do kindness .
12.79 . He said : Allah forbid that we should seize save him with whom we found our property ; then truly we should be wrongdoers .
12.80 . So , when they despaired of ( moving ) him , they conferred together apart . The eldest of them said : Know ye not how your father took an undertaking from you in Allah ' s name and how ye failed in the case of Joseph aforetime? Therefore I shall not go forth from the land until my father giveth leave or Allah judgeth for me . He is the Best of Judges .
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